11- Arching Equipment

Arching Equipment

11- Essential Equipment for Arching

1. Stabilizers (Stabilizers)

Pipe system with counterweights at the ends that absorb the vibrations of the shot and reduce the effect of errors. They are made of lightweight materials such as carbon, aluminum, or a combination thereof. The system consists of the central or long, the two sides or close, the v-bar, and its extension. They are fastened screws on the central stem, under the handle, in a device shown on the side of the shooting anticline.

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2. Sight (Sight)

An instrument that has the aiming pin, it can be adjusted up and down and right-left. It is made of aluminum, carbon, or a combination thereof. In composite arcs, the pin is replaced by the scope (see below). In infield hunting and archery, the viewfinder can carry up to 5 pins for variable distance aiming.

3. Clicker ( Clicker )

The metal plate notifies the sound (click) of the archer that has come to release the arrow position—made of high hardness spring steel.

4. Arrow Support (Rest)

The base on which the free end of the arrow rests. It is metal or plastic, adjustable or not. It has the property of giving in to the slightest pressure, thus leaving the arrow unaffected during the shot.

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Arching Equipment

5. Button

A shock absorber adjusts the position of the arrow about the riser and, in addition, allows detailed correction of its flight. Accepts springs with different hardnesses. Its precise adjustment requires a rather complex process that concerns us only at a purely competitive level.

6. Quiver

It is made of leather, leatherette, or Cordura. It is worn on the belt and accommodates the arrows.

7. Protective Arm (Arm Guard)

It is made of leather or plastic and is bound to the hand-arm holding the bow to protect it from oscillation by the string.

8. Chestguard A

Dense net made of synthetic material worn on the chest towards the arm of the bow. It holds the archer’s clothing tightly restrained on his chest and ensures the unaffected movement of the string after its release.

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9. Finger Protector (Tab)

It is made of leather and fits in the middle of the string hand. In infield archery and hunting, the traditional “hunting glove” is used as an alternative.

10. Scope & Peep

An instrument for shooting with a composite arc. It has an optical lens with magnifications from 2x to 8x; in the lens center is a custom dot or optical fiber. It has an airfield for verticality. The aiming line is defined by the center of the lens and the rear eyepiece or peep, a disc with a small hole in the center and fits on the string 10-15cm above the knock.

11. String Release Stand (Release)

Handle with a trigger that mechanically releases the string in the complex arcs, alternative to the tab. Two types: wrist and palm. It has its category in field archery.

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