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Browning and Harkila Shooting Vests

Browning and Harkila Shooting Vests

Shooting Vests: It is important to have a good shooting vest when you go hunting. That is why we focus on just shooting vests in this article. In this connection, we are looking at two good manufacturers of shooting vests: Namely Browning and Harkila, so you can easily and effortlessly select your next shooting vest without having to wonder if the quality is now also good enough. Therefore, you need to have a good shooting vest.

As I said, it is super important to have a good shooting vest. There are several reasons for this, but the primary one is that a shooting vest is specially made for the purpose (hunting) – rather than ordinary outdoor clothing.

It ensures a good movement in the arms, so you can shoot as clean as possible, as a shooting vest gives the chance to get a free pull of the rifle butt. The movement should be at the very top when you are out shooting.

In addition, it is possible to store ammunition and other items in a vest so that you do not mix them with ordinary contents in other pockets.

That a vest sits close to the body is another advantage – as you know, it ensures good movement, but it also means that you have an easier time staying warm, which is a huge advantage if you like to go out on the shooting range or go hunting all year round. Take a look at shooting vests from Browning and Harkila-

Shooting Vests From Browning and Harkila

Browning and Harkila Shooting Vests

Two good brands to buy shooting vests from are Browning and Harkila. Both manufacturers can be recommended as they are among the best in the industry and at the same time are known as some who supply the supremely best gear for hunting and outdoor.

Originating from the state of Utah in the United States, Browning has specialized in making weapons and hunting clothing since 1897. You are probably already familiar with the Browning brand, so there is no reason to go too deep with them – but as you probably know, it is a preferred brand among many hunters and gun enthusiasts, so you can safely order your gear from them.

A good vest from Browning is their Deluxe Mesh shooting vest that fits well on the body and has large pockets for storing ammunition. At a price of approx. 699, – you get a really good shooting vest for the money.

The other brand that we take a closer look at, namely Harkila, also produces some good cannon shooting vests. The company behind it has even more experience than Browning, as Harkila has been an active hunting and shooting gear manufacturer since the 17th century.

It all started in western Sweden, so the brand has long been popular in the Nordics. Unlike Browning, Harkila focuses entirely on clothing, bags, and accessories – and not weapons.

This means that you can always buy top-quality shooting vests, where hundreds of research hours are the basis for design, material selection, functionality, and much more.

The Angus vest is an obvious choice if you want an extra good product from Harkila. It is a brown vest made of soft leather, which can easily withstand wear, so for many years to come, it can be utilized without any concerns. It gives you good comfort and has a few large pockets in front for what is needed, including ammunition, etc.

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