Duffel Bag

Duffel Bag

A duffel bag is a cylindrical bag, which provides extra good storage space for all your gear. Duffel bags can be used for everything from everyday life and sporting events to more demanding trips such as hiking, skiing holidays, and survival trips. The benefit of a dung bag is that because of its shape; you get greater storage than standard backpacks.

Duffel Bag

Duffel Bag

We have gathered several duffel bags in different designs and price ranges for you on this page, so you can dive into every single model and find one that matches your needs.

Lifeventyre Expedition Duffel Bag

The first bag on the list is this simple but effective Expedition Duffel bag from LifeVentyre. The bag is made of 1280 denier, which is an extra durable material compared to the materials used for so-called ordinary bags. The bag is equipped with some regular and spacious compartments, which allow you to carry all the necessary equipment – suitable for both the ski trip and other outdoor activities that require space for storage and good mobility. The bag is also equipped with various straps to make it easy and quick to carry around with you.

Volume: 70 liters or 100 liters

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5.11 – NBT Duffel Xray

5.11 has made this NBT Duffel Xray bag, which is well suited for both everyday use and longer trips in outdoor terrain. NBT Duffel Xray is equipped with a padded shoulder strap, which makes the bag more comfortable to carry around – in addition, it has extra grab-and-go straps all around, so you can quickly grab it if you need to hurry. The material is made in water-repellent quality, with which the bag also works well for the wetter seasons when you, e.g., are on a hiking or skiing holiday. Last but not least, the NBT Duffel Xray is equipped with a practical and detachable net pocket, which can be used to advantage, e.g., toiletries or other things you need to be able to get hold of frequently and quickly.

Volume : 98 liters

Fjallraven Duffel No.4 Large

Duffel No.4 Large comes from renowned Fjallraven, who has given his best to a practical and efficient duffel bag. The main material of the bag is the extremely durable G-1000® HeavyDuty fabric, which gives you extra safety and security, even when the bag is filled to the gutter with equipment.

Furthermore, the Duffel No.4 Large bag has a double layer of material at the bottom to provide extra support. The bag has a large primary compartment inside and a smaller safety compartment for storing smaller personal items.

In addition, it has a set of outer pockets for frequently using tools that you need to use on an ongoing basis. Finally, the bag is equipped with durable and solid leather straps, which let you carry it in your hand, on your back, or on your shoulders.

Volume: 40 liters

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Osprey Transporter 65 Duffel Bag

Osprey has made this practical Transporter duffel bag with a volume of 65 liters, transverse detachable shoulder strap, and chest buckle with emergency whistle. Everything has been thought of, so the bag is especially suitable for you who actively take trips outdoors and perhaps in harsher climates.

Osprey Transporter is equipped with a compression system to keep track of the bag’s contents, and the inner and outer zipper pockets make it easier to store small items securely.

Volume : 65 liters

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Thule – Chasm Duffel Bag 90L

Chasm Duffel back from Thule is made with functionality in mind. You have access to the primary room via two openings, either as a backpack or duffel behind.

The tension squeezes on the outside of the bag keep your stuff from falling down the route. The durable rubber material is also water-repellent and thus withstands harder outdoor trips.

Volume: 90 liters

Duffel safe AT45 Black Anti-theft behind

Pacsafe is behind this theft-proof AT45 duffel – their so-called Duffelsafe model. Duffel safe is made for both the hectic everyday life and the need to transport a lot of gear and survival trips in the Norwegian mountains.

There is extra focus on theft protection, which i.a. can be seen on the point-free zippers, the eXomesh material, which protects against pop-up, and the possibility of locking the zipper with a suitable lock. This can be worn as a bag and as a duffle pack.

Volume: 45 liters

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The North Face Base Camp Duffel 2

Base Camp Duffel 2 is a practical but straightforward duffel bag from The North Face. The bag can be used for outdoor or sports activities, as it is well suited for both scenes.

Base Camp Duffel 2 is made in a combination of 1000D and 840D Jr. ballistics nylon material, making it extra durable without becoming too heavy. The outside is fitted with a zippered pocket for smaller personal belongings.

Volume : 95 liters

Kari Traa 50l Duffel Bag

Kari Traa has made this extravagant but at the same time practical 50L Duffel bag for outdoor use in any shade. The bag is made of durable material, water, and dirt repellent, with which the bag fits well with the northern climate.

It is equipped with 2 carrying straps and 2 padded shoulder straps to be worn as either a duffel bag or a backpack. Inside and outside zipper pockets make it easy to store small items, so they are quickly accessible.

Volume: 50 liters


5.11 – Rush LBD Xray Duffel

We round off the list with this Rush LBD Xray Duffel rear from 5.11, which is also the largest. The square main compartment provides plenty of space for storing all your gear, travel gear, and clothes, and with shoulder straps and grab-and-go straps at the ends, you can carry the bag as either a backpack or duffel behind.

Rush LBD Xray is made of 1050D durable nylon and Duraflex ® material, ensuring that the bag can withstand pretty much everything on the go. It is equipped with compression straps and many pockets for extra storage.

Volume: 105 liters

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