Sell Burberry Handbag DIY,Tips and Tricks How to Customize Your Bag in an Original Way

How to Customize Your Bag in an Original Way

Personalize your bag with your name or your initials. Bet on a bag that says a lot about you, get on the bandwagon of patches or straps. We tell you how to customize your bag in an original way.


Include your initials, modify the material of the strap or include details made with organic textiles, giving a second life to this essential accessory is easy if you know how to customize your bag.

How to customize your bag in an original way

Why customize your bag?

If the happy health pandemic that plagues us has taught us anything, it is that with some free time to be at home, creativity soars, it can even become your great ally, even if you have always thought that originality is not your thing.

This is precisely what customizing your bag is about, investing a little of that time you spend at home lately to renew one of your essential accessories.

Because a bag can go out of style, but it is rare that it deteriorates over time, at least if you have chosen well and trusted a brand of bags made to last , so this becomes the perfect base for a new creation more in tune with your new style or market proposals.

In fact, if you are one of those people who lately have embraced the idea of ​​leading a more austere life in favor of the environment and your economy, a lifestyle in which the emblem is “buy less and better”, customizing your bag is It will become the new challenge to add to your wish list.

How to customize your bag, 4 tips

Bet on a very personal model

It is tremendously fashionable. Putting your initials on the bag is no longer a thing of the rich or of the past , but it has become a trend, in fact, there are several fashion firms that offer this possibility in some of their new models.

You don’t need to buy a new bag to enjoy this great little detail. Embroidered or metal, you can include your initials on any bag you want to customize, and even your full name and surname if you want to go further.

In this sense, wicker bags are very grateful, you can easily include your initials and, in addition, paint them with beautiful motifs or degraded colors, sew thread or leather tassels, include details made with felt and even incorporate sequins.

In the hands of your little great artist

Customize your bag so that it says a lot not only about you, but about your family. That is the objective of the following proposal: leave in the hands of your son or daughter that bag that lacks attractiveness.

It will have to be a model in light colors and that can be illustrated with textile markers, either felt-tip pens or brushes (there are dozens of types on the market). The fabric ones are the best option, especially if they show large dimensions in the form of a bag or backpack, although raffia or wicker also lends itself to this experiment.

The smallest of the house will be delighted and you will get an exclusive and inimitable model.

The patches, that fashion that has come to stay

There are the style, size, shape and finish you want. The world of patches has been reinvented by offering a very extensive range that goes beyond the monochromatic or the symbology to which we were accustomed at the end of the last century.

Best of all, they are easily attached, self-adhesive or with a simple flat iron. The hardest thing about this option is choosing one! If you don’t believe us, go online and take a look at the variety of embroidered or sequined patches included that are at your fingertips.

Straps, you can’t ignore this new trend

If reading the title you do not know what we mean, we will tell you, it is about straps for the bag, yes, interchangeable.

There are very simple ones, which give us the possibility to completely change the aesthetics of the accessory by opting for a chain instead of the old leather strap or a colored ribbon. But there are also very daring models with studs, with embroidery of infinite colors, with geometric patterns, ethnic motifs or sequins.

As you can see, there are many possibilities that you can exploit to renew your old bags, do not miss the opportunity.

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