Sell Burberry Handbag Tips and Tricks Shimano AM9 – Review

Shimano AM9 – Review

Main Advantage

Here is a versatile best mountain bike shoe model, compatible with hook pedals and a concentrated level of protection in the ankle area. This will allow you to experience the more adventurous and reckless side of your sports bike.

Main Disadvantage

In the summer season, the fabrics and layers of internal and external coating can be too thick. You would then have to buy another lighter pair.

Verdict: 8.9 / 10

Quick closure of the laces, quality strength, and resistance, as well as a high but competitive price, are some of the qualities of these MTB shoes.

Description Main Features

Coating and stiffness

When you have to buy new shoes to ride your MTB safely and comfortably, there are some fundamental elements. Shimano, a leading Japanese company in the sector, which you have no doubt already heard about if you have experience in these areas, knows these essential characteristics well. The first elements that distinguish these shoes are the linings, designed to last for a long time, protect against impacts and ensure good mobility.

It is built for those who enjoy the most uncontrolled and sensitive mountain bike precisely because it is made to provide improving stability and guaranteeing the essential balance in challenging routes. Then, their level of stiffness reaches up to 5, so it is a value that allows us to identify this AM9 model among medium-stiff shoes, suitable even for less experienced users. This is an aspect not to be overlooked, especially if you want to use slightly more elastic footwear, with which you can tackle low difficulty routes without complications.

The internal and external coatings are well insulated and guarantee good protection, but they are also cumbersome, therefore not suitable for the summer season. In this regard, you may also need to buy new footwear, lighter and suitable for months with warmer temperatures, even if in the mountains it is generally much more relaxed.

Bindings and design

If you are a rider who loves MTB with release pedals, you will have to give this pair of shoes a chance. Besides being designed to be compatible with this type of binding, they are also suitable to be received in the classic shape that fits like a sturdy glove around the foot. This aspect should not be underestimated when purchasing because it also involves more excellent driving safety.

Often and willingly, most Internet solutions do not always guarantee high compatibility and, therefore, the versatility of use. But in this case, the speech is different because it is one of the main features of these Shimano AM9 MTB shoes. Equally valid is the hook and loop closure, which underlines the added security aspect we have just discussed.

As for the design, one cannot fail to notice that they are designed for an enduro profile, making strength and good road holding two of their primary qualities. These key points are also the same ones that have allowed us to earn resounding success and great satisfaction from experienced and non-expert riders who have experienced these Shimano shoes. Also, their height is medium, so once worn, they can also protect the ankle.


The last element characterizing these shoes is certainly one of the most decisive purchasing factors. We are talking about the quality/price ratio and, therefore, their convenience even for those who want to spend little. In reality, their cost is not the lowest, but this is due to several reasons: the materials and coatings’ quality. As we have seen, they are shoes designed to last a long time and to allow you to live adventurous experiences in safety.

Secondly, it is assumed that you will not need to buy any more in the short term by purchasing this pair. It is, therefore, a beautiful and good investment, to be made absolutely if you want to enjoy the advantages and quality of such solutions.

That’s why, even if you are on a tight budget and therefore want to spend little and save, in reality, with this pair, you will have what you are looking for.

The “price” argument is one of the most discussed and most appreciated by consumers looking for quality. So, in essence, if you spend a little more today buying these Shimano AM9 shoes, know that tomorrow you will have the safety, strength, resistance, and ability to exploit them for a long time without any defects, which is generally found in solutions considered cheaper.


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