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Types of sewing machines

Over the years, sewing machines have undergone changes and improvements in all respects. As noted in the list of the best products online, some machines can be considered lifelike hybrids.

Although it is often recommended to purchase specific products, such as embroidery machines or sewing machines, the latest generation tools make more operations on a single machine efficient.

To guarantee an experience at the highest levels, the manufacturing companies have decided to differentiate various models based on certain features and size specifications. By examining them in detail, it will finally be possible to understand the main differences and the reasons for their use.

Multifunction sewing machine

A multifunction sewing machine is an all-in-one tool. The internal mechanical characteristics, combined with the product’s functions, make it usable for sewing, embroidering, cutting, and carrying out the textile sector’s usual activities. It is a machine that can be used indiscriminately both by operators with little experience and by real professionals in the sector.

The multifunction sewing machine’s main advantages are essentially two: the shorter processing time and the cost. Using such a tool (obviously always considering the user’s skills) can lead to considerable time savings.

For example, if it is necessary to sew and embroider simultaneously on the same garment, the operator can proceed on the same work surface without ever moving. In addition to this, instead of buying more machines for different uses, this solution proves to be more practical and economical.

Embroidery machine

It is a specific product that, unlike a hybrid one, only allows you to embroider. In this case, just like for the other models, there are mechanical and other automatic machines. The features to choose the best embroidery machine are potentially the same as those of a sewing machine.

One of the main functions presented above all on technologically advanced machines concerns automated drawings’ automatic setting. Also, through a convenient connection with your PC, many products allow you to download new projects and new unique prints.

Cut and sew machine

The cut and sew machine, unlike a sewing machine, has some functions all in one. Contrary to the second-mentioned, the first allows you to sew, cut the fabric and finish in detail some exact stitches.

When it comes to cutting the fabric, especially for more complex materials, the cut and sew, also called “overlock,” allows considerable advantages in functions.

Besides this, a second significant difference concerns the presence of the so-called differential transport. It is a sophisticated system that allows the fabric not to curl and create annoying creases while working. In this way, the operator always has the certainty of proceeding in the best way and with the possibility of being able to cut in case of need.

It should be remembered that, especially for beginners, the purchase of a traditional sewing machine is always preferable for several reasons.

The first concerns the cost. The cut and sewing machines, due to the double operational possibility, have a higher cost. The second feature concerns the practice. It is best to learn only one technique well at a time (i.e., sewing) to avoid confusion.

Portable sewing machine

It is advantageous, especially for operators or tailors used to offer services at home, and portable sewing machines are an excellent choice. They have small dimensions and very light weights to allow optimal transport from many points of view. They are easily resealable and can also be found at very competitive prices.

Table sewing machine

Table sewing machines, unlike portable ones, have larger dimensions. All this gives the possibility to have, very often, a much broader and more functional worktop. Some products, specifically those with a movable arm, can sew curved or tubular parts.

Regarding the functions, it depends a lot on the quality and price of your own. By viewing some products online, it is possible to locate table-top sewing machines with less functionality than a portable one or vice versa. It is a product much purchased by those who work purely in their laboratory, home, or a private company, without ever moving.

manual vs. automatic

When you decide to buy the best sewing machines for the money, you often ask yourself whether to rely on a manual or automatic tool. When it comes to automatic machines, it is essential to remember that they are still instruments based on the needle’s direct operation but structured with special electronic control panels. For this reason, many times, the choice is between electronic or mechanical machines.

Mechanical sewing machine: this is a model based on a manual adjustment of the sewing parameters on the stitches. The presence of knobs and levers allows the user to set, before starting the work or during construction, some specifications on the seam.

Although there is no electronic control, the work can still be completed without errors and with millimeter precision. The essence of a non-automatic machine does not affect the quality or speed of the product.

Electronic sewing machine: contrary to the previous one, this device is equipped with an actual small control panel and internal memories.

Using keys (physical or on touchscreen panels), it is possible to give an automatic impulse for the point’s modification or choice. Also, in this case, the final work depends a lot on the skill of the user. The only real advantage, present by default in these products, is the automatic buttonhole sewing.

A second difference between the two models, in addition to the automation, is the price. The automatic machines, due to the electronic components inside them, have a higher price. However, nothing prevents you from choosing an electronic sewing machine, even if you are a beginner.


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