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Ultrasport F-Bike Advanced Review

Main Advantage

Practicality in transport and a quick folding system are the first specifications that emerge when evaluating the F-Bike Advance model. The seat is very comfortable and versatile, with a base for the back suitable for those looking for the best possible posture at all times. At the handlebar center, a tiny onboard computer is designed to test pulse and performance to obtain sensitive information throughout the session.

Main Disadvantage

The absence of adjustments in two fundamental strategic points for a comfortable seat weighs on the final judgment. The rear seat management does not allow particular inclinations and movements of the axis to bring the part closer to the user’s back. A similar discourse also touches on the saddle’s question, with a minimum position that cannot satisfy all users, especially slight build people.

Verdict: 9.5 / 10

The Ultrasport exercise bike moves around the home environment as a pleasure and can then be stored at the end of the workout in a convenient place at home. This allows you to manage its location, especially for those with space problems at home. The eight resistance levels allow you to adjust the effort according to management and the desire to test yourself in a mix that combines fun and sports practice.



The ergonomics and the chosen shape help this bike to carve out its space at home. The frame’s liquid shape is almost reminiscent of the letter x, with a cross between the seating area and the handlebar. Ultrasport has managed to optimize the design in the best possible way, with a closing system whereby the different parts fold while keeping the exercise bike in a vertical position even when closed.

Convenience is also found in the large knobs made of hard rubber and an ergonomic seat. The pedal area is also characterized by a locking system capable of locking the feet in the best possible way to proceed quickly towards the set goal.

The article’s weight settles on 18 kilos, a value that speaks volumes about the object’s ability to enter the house and find a place in a corner so as not to disturb the other occupants.


Starting from the onboard computer, passing through the effort adjustment system, the exercise bike lends itself to quick and straightforward management of all its modes. In the handlebars area, two sensors are connected for the recognition and tracking of the heartbeat. You can thus proceed to train with an eye on the results and performance obtained.

The small LCD then helps to monitor essential values. They range from a calculation on calorie consumption to then move on to the distance traveled and the time taken. The passage and display of these parameters vary with the push of a simple button, without complicated maneuvers, or reading ten-page long user manuals.

The connection with a heart rate monitoring system improves and deepens the issue, with more detailed information with which you can know and understand how far you have come with physical preparation.


The internal flywheel rotates without creating too many problems, so you can train without creating noise and annoyance at home. The pedals slide easily with a comfortable seat and a backrest that is excellent for those looking for a very comfortable position to relax even the shoulders and the dorsal area.

The materials from which it is produced and a framework optimized for closure like a brochure, which, once opened and installed in the space, significantly reduces the size and firm footing. Analyzing this exercise bike from the required expense point brings out a functional and winning combination of final cost and results.

Consistency and continuity in the effort also do a lot. Still, on the other hand, even the exercise bike, by its very nature, helps to get back into shape without spending exorbitant amounts.


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